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Many users are facing ample of problem-related to Arris Router reset such as how to set up this hardware called as Arris router or maybe users forget their password of the router, etc.

This page is focused on solutions to major issues so every user can get answers.

Arris Router Support 1-888-260-1297

How to Set up an Arris Router?

  • First of all, you have to open your browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari).
  • You’ve to enter the following into the address bar:
  • Then press Enter on your keyboard.
  • By this, you’ll be taken to the Arris (Motorola) SBG6782 login screen.
  • Log in with the given information:
  • Click login.

In order to configure the Arris Router manually, just follow these instructions:

Arris modem or router is hardware, so before connecting it you have to put up other settings of the modem.

  1. Plugin the coaxial cable to the cable –in port which is placed back of your Arris modem.
  2. After making sure that the cable is well tightly plugged, and then connect the other end to your coaxial splitter which is found near your televisions.
  3. You have to plug the Ethernet cable into the ‘out’ port on the Arris modem/router.
  4. Later, connect the other end of this cable to the PCs or gaming console through Ethernet.
  5. In case you’re using a different and separate router to get a Wi-Fi then connect it via Ethernet to the Arris model.
  6. In the last, you have to plug the power cable to our Arris modem then wait for 5 -30 minutes for the modem booting completely.

Before to start the set up network, you would see a green light appear and stay lit when the Arris modem is fully powered.

How to reset/recover Arris forgotten password?

In case you forgot Arris Router password, we are giving steps to recover your password.

  1. Go to the web browser.
  2. After this you have to go to address bar then type –
  3. Press enter and you’re taken to the Arris modem webpage.
  4. Under where it says Arris, the status in a wireless tab –click on it.
  5. You are asked to give a username and password.

Arris Router Customer Service

Arris Customer Service is offering multi-tier technical support by highly experienced and well- trained professional experts. They are completely backed up product engineers and developers, software upgrades and software updates.

This includes 24/7 customer support services which are directly accessed by its customers to resolve all issues which are related to the Arris Router.

You can take help for getting solutions to other issues. You can make a call, send an email or go with chat support.

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