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Are you facing trouble related to belkin router setup? Don’t worry, here you’ll get to know all the steps related to router setup and reset.

Belkin has a well-known Router and the most utilized result of Belkin International Corporation. Its routers are the best in quality, and they are created utilizing the best and superb quality.

Belkin Router Support 1-888-260-1297

In any case, most recent and propelled quality consistently accompanies different issues.

The users who are using the Belkin switches can confront minor or serious issues whenever, and they require Belkin help around them. They can contact Belkin support number to get the needed support from Belkin client support.

The specialists will give all of you the insights regarding Belkin switch arrangement, Belkin goes arrangement, and Belkin runs extender arrangement. They likewise give you the best approach to investigate the Belkin remote switch arrangement glitches at the ideal time.

Let’s begin with the issues which a Belkin router user faces often,

How to install the Belkin router

  • Plugin the Belkin Router to Power Source & fix it Near to your Internet Modem.
  • Insert the First Port of Your Belkin Router to the Internet Port of your Modem.
  • For Wired Installation kindly connect your computer or smartphone with Belkin Router Using another Internet cable or wireless connection.
  • To connect wirelesses Installation get a Wireless card inside the Box that has arrived with Belkin Router or just looks at the Bottom of the Belkin router to find the information about default network name & Default Password.

This was a starting point where almost every user faces difficulty while setting up. Installing is not a big issue but if you face this then the solution is ready for you 24 by 7.

Setting up the Belkin Router Password

After installing Belkin Router, one can also set up the password by covering the following ways;

  1. Open the web browser and access to Belkin dashboard using
  2. Find the wireless section and tap on security
  3. Under security section select “Security authentication” kindly choose WPA/WPA2-Personal(PSK) also under authentication select WPA-PSK+WPA2-PSK.
  4. You need to use AES or TKIP+AES as a security technique
  5. In the next step enter the password you wish to set up which must strong.
  6. You can also uncheck the mark to see the password entered.
  7. Finally, apply the settings after which your router requires to reboot.
  8. You can now properly use your Belkin router walking along with the new password.

Driving with high speed always leads to the major accident but what is the connection in the technical field? If a person is continuously working for long with the help of Belkin router, it’s obvious that the either it will stop responding or will become slow. Everything needs a break. This way you can easily perform Belkin router setup.

Steps to reset Belkin Router

Let’s now work on Belkin Router Reset,

  • Search for the reset button on the device. A red button may be hidden on the rear or side of the router or it may be clearly visible with the word “reset.” The router should be switched on before continuing these steps.
  • Hold the button for approx 10 seconds and then release to allow the router reset. The router may take about 10 minutes to reset
  • After this, re-perform the previous settings or try other settings as recommended by ISP for internet connection.
  • Resetting Belkin Router often happens when your router is being attacked with a virus or else the router is not supporting the system. The internet connection can also be a part of setting up.
The default password for Belkin Router

You know what, not all Belkin Routers have the same login credentials because each Belkin router comes with different models in the market. Do one thing; try this to cover the default password,

  • Your Default username: admin, Admin, [Blank]
  • And your password: admin, password [Blank]

Many of the Belkin router users set their username as “Admin” and the password also remains the same. Admin is used if the Belkin router does not have any username or password. This is how the default password is being set up.

Forgot Belkin Router Password

In case you forget the Belkin Router password, what will be the outcome? We do serve the solution for this issue. You can apply the same steps which were applied at the time of setting up the Router.

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