Fire Stick remote replacement

Do you need a replacement remote control for Fire TV? This article will give you the best options and how to use each option. These remote alternatives also work with Fire TV Stick.

If you have lost or broken a Fire TV remote, know how frustrating it is to find or buy a new one. Fortunately, there are some alternatives that work well with the Fire TV box and the stick. Many users find this even better than the real remote, as they offer some additional features.

The three options shown below are the Fire TV Remote application (free), the CetusPlay application (free) and the Rii wireless keyboard.

Firestick remote replacement instructions

Really the only remote control you can get

There is the only replacement remote control that Amazon currently sells, so this is the default option. It is not a bad option: it is exactly the same as your previous remote control, so you are already familiar with its use. All your Alexa commands continue to work thanks to the built-in microphone.

Alexa Voice Remote: the new attraction for your Fire TV

Two key improvements to this Alexa Voice remote control: First, it has the correct volume buttons, so you can change the volume without the need for another remote control, or yell at the TV. Second, it has a real power switch that allows you to turn things off without using a second remote control or shouting on your TV.

Get the remote control at $ 40 on

How do I replace my Amazon Fire Stick remote control?

I love snuggling up for a good movie and nowadays it’s very easy to bring my favorite movies to the screen. However, losing the remote control of my streaming device is a quick way to end the fun. Fortunately, losing this remote does not mean that you have to buy a new transmission device. Setting up a new remote control is very simple!

A transmission device without a remote control is not really a transmission device. Amazon only sells a replacement remote control for the Fire TV line and is the high-end Alexa remote control. How to set up your replacement remote control for the Fire TV Stick!

Can you get a replacement Firestick remote?

Yes, but if you prefer to buy a new Fire TV / Stick remote control directly from Amazon, you can use the following link. If you want to change a remote control for a Firestick, it may be of interest to buy a new Fire TV device for $ 10 to $ 20, depending on the model you receive.

Go to this link to get the original Fire Stick remote control – Alexa Voice Remote for Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire Stick Remote Replacement Pairing

Firestick Remote Pairing Guide – How to pair a new Fire Stick remote control

Make sure you have inserted a new battery, as it requires a lot of power to reconnect it. It is not necessary, but you will know that it is not due to batteries if you try.

• Pairing instructions

• Turn on your Fire TV device by unplugging and reconnecting the power cord.

• Point the remote control at the device and press and hold the Start button on your remote control for 10 seconds, according to Amazon (we recommend at least 12-15 seconds).

• In the lower right corner of the screen, you should see a message indicating that the pairing was successful.

• Repeat steps 1 to 2 if the message for a successful pairing is not displayed.

In my experience, it will take some attempts, but will eventually be paired if there is nothing wrong with the remote control.

The remote control is not the best in the market. It does its job well and good enough. However, it leaves much to be desired and there are other better alternative options that you can use instead of the OEM remote control.

Pair the alternative remote control with Firestick (Bluetooth method)

This would require you to have a remote control that works. However, once you have activated the Bluetooth function and paired the alternative remote control. You can use the alternative remote control anytime, anywhere.

1. Activate the Bluetooth option on the remote control / keyboard / Bluetooth control.

2. Scroll to the settings and click on “Bluetooth controller and devices”.

3. Click on “Other Bluetooth devices”.

4. Click on “Add Bluetooth devices”

5. Your Fire TV starts searching for the next Bluetooth device. Select the appropriate device and the pairing will end

6. FACT!

Amazon Fire Stick remote replacement pairing without wifi

Well, let me inform you that you can absolutely pair the Fire Stick remote without connecting to the Wi-Fi, since the remote uses the Wi-Fi to talk to the Fire Stick. Here are some steps to connect or pair your Fire TV remote control.

1. You must first replace the battery of your remote control.

2. You must bring your remote control closer to your Fire TV within 10 feet.

3. Disconnect your Fire TV from the power cord or adapter, and then reconnect it.

4. You must use the Fire TV application to pair your remote control. If you have added seven drivers, remove one of them before trying to add another.

What to do when Fire TV Remote does NOT respond / synchronize / connect?

If you feel your Fire TV voice remote suddenly disconnects or does not work, I know how it feels. Since October 2014, I have a TV with a fire bar and so far it has processed everything I put on it. This is until one day last week when the remote suddenly interrupted the connection and died completely without any sign of life.

How do I use Fire TV if the remote control does not turn on?

Fortunately, Amazon has an application for Amazon Fire TV Remote, which is also available in the Android App Store and Apple App Store. After this, you can control Fire TV from the application and continue with the next step.

How do I make sure my Fire TV remote is paired with my Fire TV Stick?

To verify if your Fire TV remote control is paired with your Fire TV, you must go to the setup menu.

1. Settings> Controller and Bluetooth devices.

2. Amazon Fire TV remote controls

This shows you which devices are currently linked and from here you can see if your remote control is connected. In my case, when I play with the batteries, my remote control appears here for a few minutes and then disappears.

The solution

I gently scratched the remote control connectors on each end, using a screwdriver. Wipe the residue with a dry cloth while scratching. The plug should look clean and new at the end of this job. I put the batteries back in and immediately reconnected the remote control. Do this if the fire stick does not connect to wifi.

I haven’t had any problems with the remote since then and I guess the moral of the story is that sometimes you get what you pay for.

Fire TV: quick tips

• Surprisingly, press and hold the Select button for 5 seconds to set the remote control in pairing mode.

• Now you must press and hold the Select + Play buttons at the same time for 5 seconds to restart the device.

• Restart the device: Settings> System> Restart. After restarting, unplug the power cord for 5 seconds and then reconnect it.

For some newer Fire TV models, press and hold the Start button for 10 seconds.

Final Fire TV Remote does not synchronize the tip

Some users reported that the problem was the interference of their router’s Wi-Fi channel. To change that, you must be a little technical, but it is not difficult.

Log in to your router (device details). Find the WiFi channel and switch to another channel. The Google Play WiFi analyzer allows you to watch the least used channel for your home.

Please tell me if the remote control is connected to the firewood. You can also contact us if the Fire Stick remote control does not work.

I hope this helps and solves your problems with Fire TV. If you have had problems or bug fixes, leave a comment and I can update the guide.

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