HBO Now buffering issues fixes

HBO GO is a video on demand service that allows users to stream popular television programs inside and outside the home. Although HBO GO has been a video service that offers the best service to its customers, sometimes customers face some problem with HBO GO, not work problems.

HBO GO is an online media streaming application, so it completely depends on the Internet. If your Internet or broadband connection does not work, try to solve it by disconnecting the router from the power cord and insert it again. This may end your search in HBO Now buffering problem.

How to fix HBO now keeps the buffer or stops the buffer problems

HBO Go can be accessed through multiple devices such as Apple TV, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Google Chromecast, Samsung Smart TV, PS3, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, as well as many mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, tablet and Android. Due to the wide range of technology that can be used to view HBO Go services, thousands of people can stagger when their transmission fails.

If HBO GO does not work on a signal, Samsung Smart TV and Amazon Fire TV, first check if the HBO GO server is really idle. It can be a common problem and can also save time and energy if you are going to follow a long process in HBO GO that does not work.

If you are using HBO GO on Firestick and it does not work in your home, many things could solve those problems. Remember, both Fire TV Stick and HBO Now or HBO GO require a high-speed Internet connection. If the connection is faster, your streaming experience will be better. You need at least 3Mbps download speed to access videos on HBO Go.

Try restarting Fire Stick if your HBO GO does not work on Amazon Fire Stick. Yes, this can solve your HBO GO that does not work on the Firestick problem at once! To restart your Amazon Fire TV Stick: Press and hold the Select and Play / Pause buttons at the same time for approximately five seconds or go to Settings> Device> Restart from the Fire TV Stick menu.

Update your HBO GO application. Yes; It may be because you are using an old version of HBO GO that causes HBO to activate. Therefore … you need to update your HBO GO application in that case when HBO GO down does not work properly with any of your media streaming devices. Update your HBO GO application from your app store and enjoy unlimited entertainment.

When does HBO GO not work?

If you receive a service error when trying to use HBO GO, try the following steps:

  • Step: Update HBO GO
  • Step: Restart your device
  • Step: play another program or movie
  • Step: Try another device
  • Step: test the device troubleshooting
  • Step: Restart your network devices.

HBO GO streams videos with the best possible quality. Internet connection speed or network bandwidth may affect the video playback standard. If your network bandwidth is simply too low or the connection speed fluctuates, you can get a lower resolution video or no video.

HBO go buffering problems

Video buffers or pauses when streaming on the PC

  1. Close all applications and turn off your PC.
  2. Then turn off the power of your network devices (modem, router, etc.).
  3. Reconnect the power to your modem and then to your router, allowing each device to turn on before connecting the next.
  4. Turn on your pc.
  5. Go to and play a video.

Does HBO work on Samsung Smart TV?

HBO GO is compatible with several Samsung smart TVs, but not all. If you cannot access HBO Now on your Samsung TV, you can use a streaming player (such as Roku or Apple TV), a game console or stream HBO GO to your TV using Chrome Cast.

Activate or pair HBO GO on a Samsung smart TV:

  1. First, Download HBO goes from the Samsung Marketplace.
  2. Then start HBO GO on your device and select the Activate your device button to get your activation code.
  3. Using the browser on your PC or mobile device, go to and choose Samsung Smart TV as your device.
  4. Choose Spectrum as your television provider.
  5. Enter your Spectrum username and password. Get help with your username and password
  6. Enter your activation code and choose the Activate button. If you see a “Success!” message, then you are ready to start transmitting HBO GO.

HBO Go buffering on Samsung smart TV

HBO GO can be accessed on LG 2016 Smart TV models and above with the 3.0 and higher operating system. To install the HBO GO application on your LG TV: First, go to LG Content Store. Go to “Applications and games” and search for “HBO GO”.

If you have video playback problems with HBO GO on your Samsung TV, try the following steps:

  1. Remove the HBO GO application.
  2. Then turn off your Samsung TV and turn it on again.
  3. Press the Menu button on your remote control, then choose Support> Software update> Update now.
  4. Download the HBO GO application and log in.

Why does HBO now continue to buffer?

Regular buffering is generally a sign of insufficient download speed from your broadband connection. “If you ever see a constantly different playback performance at different times of the day, it could be a sign of other people’s usage patterns connected to your broadband provider or HBO Now.

How to prevent HBO from being buffered?

If the video is stored regularly or is of poor quality, try these steps:

  1. Step: check your cables
  2. Step: Check the speed of your Internet connection
  3. Step: Restart your devices
  4. Step: reduce the activity in your network
  5. Step: Try another device
  6. Step: Try a wired connection

If all these steps are implemented correctly, you must be ready! For any other problem, try contacting HBO Go Activate and HBO GO Down in case the service falls briefly.

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