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Hotmail is a known name. it is an email service produced and marketed by Microsoft. Hotmail helpline number USA 1-888-260-1297 is a way by which you can easily reach out to the Hotmail customer service.

Hotmail Support number 1-888-260-1297

Millions of people across the world use Hotmail which is now Outlook.

With one single Microsoft account, you can access all services of Microsoft including Hotmail. Thus, with a single username and password, you can log in to your Hotmail account and send and receive emails.

Hotmail also comes up with multiple features such as email storage, contact saving, calendar, spam control, linking Hotmail email to other email service providers and so on.

Thus, Hotmail is easy and safe to use. However, if there is any kind of error while using Hotmail, one can get written Hotmail support on the support page of Microsoft where they may find all the answers to a problem with Hotmail.

However, if that does not help one can always contact Microsoft to get direct Hotmail support also.

How to recover Hotmail password

If one forgets the password, it is impossible to access an account. The same also applies to Hotmail. So, you must either remember your password or in case you forgot your password, you need to recover your password.

Now the question is how to recover the Hotmail password? Well, Microsoft allows Hotmail users to recover the password by proving it to them that the account in question belongs to you. And you are the actual owner of the account.

You can choose 2 step verification process wherein Microsoft sends a verification code either on an alternate email id provided by you or on a mobile phone.

Now you can enter this verification code in the given field on the screen to recover your Hotmail account password.

How to recover Hotmail password without security question

Microsoft allows you to recover Hotmail password without answering security questions. You can choose to go by 2 step verification method in which you can choose to receive a verification code from Microsoft on alternate email id of yours, or on a mobile number that you provided to Microsoft with your Hotmail account.

Once Microsoft sends you a verification code, you can enter the same in the given field on the screen and thus recover Hotmail password without security question easily.

Hotmail helpline number the USA

Hotmail is an email product from Microsoft which is a US-based multinational company. In the US alone millions of users have Hotmail account and they use it on their laptop, mobile, tablet and desktop for sending and receiving emails.

Corporates also have a Hotmail account for their employees. Thus, if there is a problem with Hotmail, it is expected that they get quick help. And that is why there is direct Hotmail helpline number USA for all USA users.

They can simply dial the number and talk directly to the Hotmail team to discuss the solution or information they need related to Hotmail.

Hotmail customer service number the USA

While using Hotmail if there is even a small error you don’t need to search for a solution here and there. As it is available directly to you. Like all our customers who are happy customers because of the best customer service provided by us. You can also be a subscriber of our service and next time if you face any issue with your Hotmail account, you can directly dial Hotmail customer service number USA to get quick and genuine customer service.

Hotmail technical support phone number

No matter how good is Hotmail platform, there are technical glitches with the account or with the device. And in such situation, you need technical support to resume using Hotmail services.

Well, you can dial Hotmail technical support phone number and ask for the solution of the technical issue that is there with your Hotmail account.

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