How to fix gmail server error 007

“Troubleshoot your gmail server error with ease”.

When it comes about email services Gmail always tops the chart. But nothing is ideal and perfect, especially technical tools they always have some flaws.

A lot of users have complained regarding Gmail server error 007. What is this error, why it happens, and what are the steps to fix it?

Well don’t worry here you will get all possible solutions regarding this problem and I hope this article will help you to fix Gmail server error 007 with ease.

Gmail Server Error 007

Gmail server error happens due to lab feature of Gmail. In Gmail server error 007 when you are trying to send an email to someone but you won’t. And an alert will pop up on the screen with a message of Gmail server error 007.

So basically it triggers when you are sending a mail to some other person. There can be several other miscellaneous reasons such as cache and cookies, extensions in browser, virus and all.

Reasons for Gmail Server Error 007

Whenever you send an email to a person, server undergoes through the following phases:

  • Server will fetch the IP address of the IP name with the help of DNS.
  • Then the IP socket connection will set up with the IP address.
  • Further, the HTTP data stream will flow via the socket.
  • With the assistance of HTTP protocol, status code and the value of the HTTP data stream.

So Gmail server error can arise due to a flaw in the last two mentioned steps.

Steps to Fix Gmail Server Error 007

  1. Remove the cache and cookies from your browser
  • The simplest step to resolve this issue.
  • Visit Google Chrome and hit on the Settings.
  • In the given menu scroll down and tap on Show Advanced Settings.
  • Then in Privacy field, hit on Content Settings and under Cookies tap on All cookies and site data.
  • Hit on Remove All and tap on Done. Once completed close the page.
  • And try to check whether the issue is resolved or not.
  1. Check for browser and virus updates

  • It may be possible that some malicious virus can trigger server error 007.
  • Open your antivirus and perform a full system scan of your device.
  • Probably your browser version is not up to date. Well, chrome updates automatically but if you are using some other browser, check whether there is any requirement of update.
  1. Disable your browser’s extensions
  • In case if you have installed any browser extension before server error 007, it might be possible that extensions can lead to this issue.
  • Or some prior installed extensions are creating this issue due to any update.
  • Disable these installed extensions in your browser.
  • Visit Google Chrome and tap on the three-dotted icon in the upright corner of the webpage.
  • Choose More tools and further click on Extensions.
  • Uncheck the Enabled fields of your Extensions.
  1. Deactivate Gmail Labs Background Send
  • Sign-in into your Gmail account and hit on the gear icon of the Gmail webpage.
  • Further tap on Settings and search lab tab.
  • Then disable the Background Send option.

These are some solutions to fix Gmail Server Error 007 with ease. But still, if you lag to fix this issue you can feel free to connect with Gmail technical support phone number. Their phone number is available on their official support page. You can get round the clock services to resolve your problem.

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