How to delete all emails from Gmail application without clicking on each one

Working with Gmail makes sense when you know all the features to use. Making things possible feels relaxed but when you stuck somewhere with minor issues then they are determined as a big blunder. However, this can be discussed later.

However, this can be discussed later. Moving forward, you need to learn about Gmail issue in case you are unable to remove all the emails at once instead of clicking on each one.

Clicking each mail does not mean that your time is wasting but it shows that you are unaware of the all selection feature suppo rted by Gmail.

Maximum time’s people keep on clicking each mail to keep the important ones aside but in case it is necessary to remove all then go for the steps as discussed.

Steps to delete all emails from gmail application

  1. Open your Gmail account profile.
  2. Select the inbox (Primary, Promotions, and updates)
  3. Check the small box from the top left corner of the main page to select all the mails.
  4. Your entire mail will be selected.
  5. Hit on delete button shown on the upper middle of the page.
  6. Your complete mail will be wiped out from the inbox.
  7. In case you need a permanent delete of the mails or want to clear the trash box too. You need to open the trash option found just below the sent items option.
  8. Apply the same method by selecting all and hit the delete button to clear out all the mails successfully.

On the off chance if you need to remove the mails from your Android or iPhone, you can just set up your settings to quickly remove the mails.

  • Open Gmail in your phone
  • Next, press the three-lined button from the top left option
  • Tap on settings option shown in the bottom of the application
  • Then general settings
  • Swipe actions
  • Change to delete in both cases
  • Done.

Hence, this way one can easily remove the unwanted mails. But if you are not able to put up the steps on your Gmail application, take quick help from Gmail support phone number.

The Gmail support phone number can be used in various terms regarding the mail issues in your profile. The 24 by 7 service works according to the customer’s satisfaction. Gmail’s instant customer service number will always stand with you unless you have completed applying the solution perfectly.

Therefore, get the follow up from the experts for more information to learn about the latest features in Gmail.

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