vizio remote not working

It can be extremely annoying to try to turn on the channel on your Vizio TV with your remote control just so nothing happens. A Vizio remote control may stop working for several reasons, including problems with the device’s batteries and even with the TV. In general, you can make your Vizio remote control work again with some troubleshooting.

Remote battery problems

If your Vizio remote control does not work, you must first check the batteries in the remote control. Remote controls are usually low power devices, but your Vizio remote can burn batteries at a faster rate if you use the remote control a lot. You may be able to get more out of existing batteries by removing them and then replacing them. If the remote control still does not work, the batteries are likely to be completely depleted. Replace it with a new set of compatible batteries and check if the remote control works or not.

Sensor locked

The remote control of your Vizio smart TV may not work if the IR sensor of the TV is locked. The IR sensor is usually located in the lower right and lower left of the TV. Move anything in front of the right or left side of your TV and then try to point the remote control at each side and press the “Power” button. Make sure you are not more than 10 feet from the TV, since IR signals only work at a limited distance. If the TV is turned on or off, you can conclude that something was blocking your sensor and preventing the remote control from working.

Television problems

Your Vizio remote control may not work because the TV itself does not work properly. A Vizio TV may stop responding to all actions, including changing the channel with the remote control.

You can also reset your Vizio TV by unplugging the power cord from the back of the TV and from the power outlet. Leave it disconnected for a moment and then plug it back in. Then press the “Power” button on the remote control to turn on the TV again and then try changing the channels with the remote control. If the remote control still does not work, try turning the channel with the buttons on the Vizio TV. If the channel does not change, then your TV may be the problem. Contact Vizio to see if you need to repair the TV.

Vizio TV Remote does not work

There are other potential causes of why your Vizio remote control is not working. Your remote control may need a power cycle to reset it. You can also perform a power cycle by removing the batteries from the remote control, pressing each button on the remote control once to discharge all the power from the remote control and then replacing the batteries. Try using the remote control again to see if it works. Your Vizio remote control may have internal or external damage that is causing it to malfunction. In this case, you must replace the remote control with another Vizio remote control or a universal remote control.

Reason of TV Remote Battery Drain

If you prefer to keep up with the latest advances in technology, you probably have at least one remote control per television. That can add many remote control batteries if you have many TVs. Some of these remote controls need AA alkaline batteries, while others require lithium-ion batteries. The replacement of both types of batteries can be quite expensive if they run out too quickly. These batteries can run out quickly for many reasons.

Buried remote control

The most obvious method that the batteries of your remote control can drain quickly is by throwing the remote control on a coffee table where it is buried under a layer of magazines, books and other heavy objects. These objects will press the power button continuously, causing the batteries to run out. Find a designated place to store your remote control when you are not using it.

Signal locked

Your remote control requires a clear path for your signal to reach your TV or other components you are trying to control, such as a DVD player. The remote control will not work when there are objects such as furniture or smoked glass doors in an entertainment shelving system along the way.

Therefore, repeated attempts to make the remote control work by pressing the buttons drain the batteries. Keep a clear path to your audiovisual components. Open or remove the doors of the entertainment shelving system if they show signal interference.

30 second delays

Many remote controls have a 30-second delay between pressing a button and having a television respond. Pressing the buttons during all this delay time the batteries run out. Give the device the full 30 seconds to make it work.

Programming and configuration

It uses a little battery power each time you press a button on the remote control. Read the owner’s manual before programming your remote control and the TV to avoid pressing the test and error buttons during the process. Program the minimum number of settings you need to save battery. Don’t “play” with the device buttons to discover what they do. Check the results of your programming once and then use only the remote control when you need it.

Pressing and holding

Pressing and holding the buttons on the remote control will drain the batteries very quickly. Press and release the button instantly unless programming prompts you to press and hold the button.

Old or mixed batteries

Old batteries or mixed use of a previous battery with a new one can cause the device to work intermittently or not at all. You can end up by continuously pressing the buttons on the remote control to make it work, further depleting the batteries. Keep a record of when you replace the Vizio remote or batteries and do not use the old battery with a new one in the remote control.


Even new batteries will consume power if the remote control has not been used for several months. The batteries may even leak, corroding the battery terminals and the remote control box. Remove the batteries first before storing a remote control.

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